Photo: Ezyê Moleda

Adriana Peliano is a Brazillian visual artist, designer, and illustrator. She received an MA in New Media Arts at KIAD (Maidstone, UK, 2003) and one in Aesthetics and Art History at USP (São Paulo, 2012), defending a dissertation entitled “Through Surrealism and What Alice Found There”; and finished postgraduate studies in Children’s Literature at Casa Tombada (São Paulo, 2022).

In 2010, Adriana founded the Lewis Carroll Society of Brazil, where she produces art, offers workshops and lectures, promotes cultural events, and blogs. She has contributed significant articles about Lewis Carroll in magazines, journals, and books; illustrated Brazilian editions of the Alice books, including co-translating and designing the Jabuti Prize–winning Alice’s Adventures under Ground; and written Alice and the Seven Keys (Underline Publishing, 2021).

Always in search of curious objects, broken toys, and tracks of stories, Adriana Peliano loves monsters and fairy tales. Her collages and metamorphic assemblages are magical and multiple inventories, where logic is reinvented with new meanings and narratives, creating language games and labyrinths of dreams.

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