Carollsday 9

Lewis Carroll’s second extraordinary voyage of Alice turned 150 last year. Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There (1872) presents an adventure that takes place on the other side of the mirror on a nonsensical chessboard. As in Alice in Wonderland (1865), the girl meets surprising characters and engages in disconcerting dialogues through language games and the invention of words. In each chapter, advancing through the squares on the board, the characters present riddles about space and time, language and logic, consciousness and the world of dreams.
Inspired by Alice, we invite you to go through the looking-glass and travel towards a multiplicity of Alices. For the exhibition, we created two boards bringing together images from illustrators of different nationalities, all depicting Alice going through the mirror. We also present alicedelic editions from different parts of the world. The books are displayed chapter by chapter to tell the adventures of the enigmatic girl in this peculiar and specular world. Inspired by Alice, we invite you to dream of new worlds and reinvent yourself.

Adriana Peliano e Beatriz Mom

Alices through the Looking-Glass

Carollsday 9

State Public Library of Minas Gerais

Fotos: Alexandre Guzanshe

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