When Alice plunged down the White Rabbit’s hole, she began a never-ending journey that continues to inspire spirals of dreams and surprising challenges for our hearts and minds. With Alice, we are invited to travel into an unknown world, governed by a very curious logic. She challenges the accommodated and imprisoning ways of understanding art and life, space and time, reality and dreams, and even our identity. “Who are you?” asks the Caterpillar, and Alice doesn’t know how to answer after so many transformations, having traveled around the world for more than 150 years among countless nonsensical and marvelous inventions.

Alice’s wonders have flavors of curiosity, time, travel, dreams, transformation, games, madness and creativity. New Alices in contemporary culture and in the different arts and languages invite us to look for an enigmagic garden and the inexhaustible creative possibilities that exist in each one of us.

Together on this journey, we continue to open new doors in imagination and thought. Faced with the mad characters and strange events of Wonderland, we can challenge ourselves to believe in the unbelievable and make the impossible possible, trusting our dreams and waking up to a new reality.
The message of the alicedelic oracle is: travel with Alice on her inexhaustible enigmagicosmic adventures.

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