In The Subjective Adventures of Björk, André Costa’s text meets the work of the invited visual artist Adriana Peliano and the graphic design of Maurício Chades, who created an object book.
Björk is a unique artist within the pop universe and an example of alterity production. The difference that emanates from Björk doesn’t just come from her exotic looks, her eccentric outfits or her experimental music; it comes as subjectivity in constant transformation. In the images created by Adriana and photographed by Gui Gomes, a reborn baby produced by Marisa Monteiro translates this state of openness to the world, a plentitude of possibilities.
In this magical world, Björk is in constant rebirth, in a laboratory of itself. It emerges from bubbles, multiplies in mirrors, spreads out in pearls, dissolves in veils in a state of constant invention and adventure.

Images from Adriana Peliano’s universe: Iara Guedes, Pedro Zopelar and Paulo Beto
Other images: Egécia Flora and Maurício Chades / Montage and color Maurício: Chades
Sound design: Arnold Gules / Subtitles: Patrícia Colmenero
Songs: Shove Piggy Shove, lfo, I Go Humble – Björk

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