Celebrating 150 years of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the Lewis Carroll Society of Brazil created a new itinerary of adventures in the world of the well-traveled girl and her enchanting allurements. The public entered through an underground tunnel and encountered interactive installations and performances. Casa das Caldeiras, São Paulo/SP, 2015.

Photos: Lucca Del Carlo, Paloma Bertisolli Milanez, Lente Materna.

Portal 1:

BRILLIG TUNNEL: Falling, Falling, Falling. Multimedia installation by Lucca Del Carlo.

Portal 2:

CUP OF KEYS: Transflormation. Magical drink harvested from the Alicismos garden. Hatter: Marcelo Dust.

Portal 3:

DREAM BUBBLES: Who is dreaming? Alices in clouds of rabbits and inflatable dreams. Alices: Nathalia Oliveira, Camila Fiorentini, Ingrid Rabello, Jesse Reeves, Clara Campos.

Portal 4:

DREAM ALICEOSCOPE: Rising, rising . . . Releasing dreams in balloons inside the chimney towards unknown realities.

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