The Blue Caterpillar, our master of ceremonies Jonnatha Horta Fortes, led the entire program in an afternoon of alicelias. Claudio Willer and Isadora Krieger read different Portuguese translations of the poem “Jabberwocky,” with the special participation of Mark Burstein, on video, reciting the original. Ione de Medeiros and Adriana Peliano projected collages on an overhead projector. Paulo Beto, Érica Alves and Pedro Zopelar gave an alicinogenic musical performance. Adriana Peliano and Thereza Vasques read and lectured on Alice’s metamorphoses in art and culture. Bia Goll brought a themed picnic. Kiara Terra concluded by telling stories along with projections of performance images created by Ricardo Ramos. That day also saw the launch of a collection of cards with re-creations of Alice made by Adriana and artists Ardenson Resende and Indio San.

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