In May 2010, we held our first multimedia event, with an intense program including videos with a live soundtrack, literature, gastronomy, cinema and visual arts. The event took place in partnership with the British Brazilian Cultural Center and brought together around 400 people. We created a magical and fun environment with cats, cards, hookahs, clock mushrooms and dream clouds. Twin Alice Rabbits welcomed guests. The program included the presence of writer Wilson Bueno, who gave the lecture “The Sense of Nonsense.”

Participating in the event were Adriana Peliano, Paulo Beto, Jonnatha Horta Fortes, Mariana Nobre, Wilson Bueno, Dennison Ramalho, Thereza Vasques, Karol Korsakoff, Grupo Frame Circus (Paulo Beto, Maurício Fleury and Tatá Aeroplano with special participation by Anna Eliza Colomar), Ricardo Mello and Gustavo Cunha, Brenda Novak, Mom Liu, Carola Trimano, Dori Guirado, Juliana Rosa, Chico Jovilsen, Tainá and Thalya Rezende, Manuhell, Henrique Mourão, Fernanda Monte, Lari Castelo Branco, Rita Calheiros, Juliana Grace and Fabio Azevedo.

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