Exhibition at Farol Santander in São Paulo, 2022

The exhibition “Alice’s Adventures” held at Farol Santander was designed and curated by artist and multimedia researcher Rodrigo Gontijo, set design by Lee Dawkins, art direction by Tissa Kimoto and production by Ayo Cultural. Photos: Carol Quintanilha

In a playful and immersive way, participants walked through two exhibition floors among sets, characters, curiosities, illustrations, video installations, pre-cinema gears and cinematographic adaptations of Lewis Carroll’s work. Occupying an area of around 600 square meters, more than a hundred pieces invited the public to immerse themselves in the Alician universe. In one of the rooms the visitor found a Cabinet of Curiosities, including some assemblages and collages created by Adriana Peliano, artist and president of the Lewis Carroll Society of Brazil.

In the same room you could find illustrations by American artist Maggie Taylor, who confronts the history of photography with contemporary digital technology in a dream world that questions representations of the feminine. In the same room, from Adriana’s collection, books with illustrations by Oleg Lipchenko (Ukraine/Canada), Iassen Ghiuselev (Bulgaria), Robert Ingpen (Australia), Andrea D’aquino (USA), Made Balbat (Estonia), Shuji Tateishi (Japan), Daniel Cacouault (France), Millicent Sowerby (England), and Kristjana S. Williams (Iceland), with magical objects arranged on them as if they came out of books. Strange and sinister dolls were reminiscent of Jan Švankmajer’s animations, in dialogue with Tenniel’s illustrations that transformed into puzzles on the wall. Inside a large magic cabinet, a miniature cabinet of curiosities created a portal of dreams within dreams.

Photos: Alexandre Guzanshe

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