Exhibition in São Paulo – Shopping JK – 2015

Exhibition in Fortaleza – Shopping Iguatemi – 2016

The creation of the non-governmental organization Orientavida, the magical scenography of the Caselúdico studio, the support of Disney Brasil and the alicedelic curation of Adriana Peliano found themselves in an adventure in the world of Alice in Wonderland. In this exhibition, each person also became an Alice among selfies and interactions, delirious mirrors, optical toys and other adventures. Adriana Peliano created collages for doors and walls and also curated the first room of this great game, showing Alice in her transformative power. This room contained a boat, a maze of mirrors and enigmatic doors. There were 70 editions of Alice in a maze, among magical objects that interacted and dialogued with each other, showing multiple ways of reading the work. The collage about Tenniel’s characters was drawn directly on the walls by Karina Matulevicius.

Photos: Alexandre Guzanshe

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