The dream of Alice

Collage shows us that everything can be transformed into something else. Images are taken out of their context and brought together in surprising ways, in a constant becoming, abandoning their predictable identity, moving to a new and poetic world.

Collage brings us closer to enigmas that challenge the strange and the familiar, dream and wakefulness. The unconscious is becoming conscious; the known is manipulated, giving way to the unknown, in a game between chance and intention. In this process, we let ourselves be carried away by intuition so that the images lead us through an unprecedented logic.

Shall we make collages and dream with Alice between alicedelias and alicenations?

Reinventing the Wizard of Oz

A SoulCollageĀ® Workshop

This experience follows a method of self-knowledge and creativity developed in the late 1980s by North American theologian and therapist Seena Frost. One of her main inspirations was the work of C. G. Jung. Creating cards through collages, we gradually elaborate a map of inner journeys through images that proliferate mysterious meanings, activating an experiential process that allows access to the unconscious and inner wisdom. Imagination unites with intuition, scissors unite with glue, figures challenge the world of dreams.

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