The Lewis Carroll Society of Brazil is a creative association whose aim is to stimulate imagination, research, and curiosity about the work of Lewis Carroll, especially the Alice books, and possible dialogues with fantastic universes. We promote the free play of ideas, literary reveries, the stimulation of artistic creation, research, the production of scalable cultural events and other alicenations.

This Society was founded in 2009 by Adriana Peliano. Activities already carried out include performagic events, lectures, workshops, blogs, exhibitions, videos, publication of books and articles, and alicedelias in general. All this is with the collaboration of members of the Lewis Carroll Society of Brazil, in addition to partners and specially invited artists.

Highlights over the years include the participation of the musician and composer Paulo Beto of the Grupo Oficcina Multimédia, the actor Jonnatha Horta Fortes and the editor Mark Burstein (USA) from the Lewis Carroll Society of North America. In the last decade, our events took place in different cultural centers in São Paulo, such as Casa das Rosas, Centro Cultural Brasileiro Britânico, Casa das Caldeiras, Salon Circus Hair, Memorial da América Latina and the Library Luiz de Bessa in Belo Horizonte in a co-realization with @Carrollsday, curated by Bia Mom.
New Alicedelic projects are on the way.

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