Eventos Menina Sonho_EN

Dream Girl: The book Menina Sonho by Adriana Peliano shows a girl in constant metamorphosis, through a collage of texts and photos by Lewis Carroll and illustrations by John Tenniel. The book gave rise to a video and a live presentation with rear projections. Credits: camera, editing, soundtrack and live music: Paulo Beto | Collages, […]

Eventos Lançamento Alice Zahar_EN

In 2015, publisher Zahar launched a commemorative edition of Alice’s 150th anniversary with collages by Adriana Peliano based on illustrations by John Tenniel and a translation by Maria Luiza X. and A. Borges. Autograph afternoon with the illustrator, with musical performances, text readings, video projections and interactive installations. | Live music: Paulo Beto and Bibiana […]

Eventos Labirinto de sonhos_EN

Celebrating 150 years of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the Lewis Carroll Society of Brazil created a new itinerary of adventures in the world of the well-traveled girl and her enchanting allurements. The public entered through an underground tunnel and encountered interactive installations and performances. Casa das Caldeiras, São Paulo/SP, 2015. Photos: Lucca Del Carlo, Paloma […]

Eventos Dei chá com alice_EN

Interactive installation in which the public was invited to plant dreams in the “Coelho Cloud.” Casa das Caldeiras, São Paulo/SP, June 2014. Participation by Adriana Peliano and Clóris Fontainebleau. Photos: Paulo Beto.

Eventos Atraves de Allis_EN

Series of living dreams, poetic fragments of Alice’s new adventures with the dream cloud. Performance with Clara Campos as Allis Hybris and Allis Anis going through the mirror. The performance took place at the two branches of Salão Circus Hair on Rua Augusta and Rua Pamplona, on August 31, 2013. Performance by Theremin with Paulo […]

Eventos 1_EN

Various performance events with presentations, exhibitions, lectures, soirées, videos, installations and live music, held in different cultural centers, involving different artists and collaborators.

Eventos Sonho acordado_EN

Daydream Installation by Adriana Peliano: “Querida Nuvem Coelho” (Dear Cloud Rabbit) and performance with Clara Campos and Otávio Fantinato with contact juggling. Special participation in the “Jardim das Descoisas” event at Casa de Caldeiras. São Paulo/SP, May 11, 2014. Photos: Juliana R.

Eventos Um dia Alice 2_EN

The Blue Caterpillar, our master of ceremonies Jonnatha Horta Fortes, led the entire program in an afternoon of alicelias. Claudio Willer and Isadora Krieger read different Portuguese translations of the poem “Jabberwocky,” with the special participation of Mark Burstein, on video, reciting the original. Ione de Medeiros and Adriana Peliano projected collages on an overhead […]

Eventos Um dia Alice_EN

In May 2010, we held our first multimedia event, with an intense program including videos with a live soundtrack, literature, gastronomy, cinema and visual arts. The event took place in partnership with the British Brazilian Cultural Center and brought together around 400 people. We created a magical and fun environment with cats, cards, hookahs, clock […]

Eventos Um dia Alice 2

A lagarta azul, o nosso mestre de cerimônia Jonnatha Horta Fortes, conduziu toda a programação em uma tarde de alicedelias. Claudio Willer e Isadora Krieger leram diferentes traduções em português do poema Jabberwocky, com a participação especial de Mark Burstein, em video, recitando o original. Ione de Medeiros e Adriana Peliano projetaram colagens em retroprojetor. […]